Feds arrest two Mexican nationals in murder-for-hire plot

Federal agents arrested two Mexican nationals in Atlanta last week on charges of murder-for-hire.

Jorge Maturano, 46, and Cesar Santos, 29, were arrested on May 6 by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and appeared in front of a federal judge on May 7.

According to the criminal complaint, Maturano and Santos were allegedly hired out of Chicago by a drug trafficking organization to travel to the metro Atlanta area to kill a member of a rival gang.

A confidential informant tipped off an FBI agent on May 4 that the pair were in the area actively searching for a gun and planned to kill the target within two to three days.

In those following days, the suspects surveyed the potential victim by watching his house and place of employment. The informant advised agents of their whereabouts and in turn agents watched the would-be killers.

The informant told investigators on the evening of May 5, suspects were waiting outside a motel for a van to deliver weapons. Maturano and Santos planned to use the van for the murder as well.

Investigators believed that the two would use the van to commit the murder and then switch back to the grey Infiniti that they used to drive from Chicago.

But to the suspects’ dismay the van contained no weapons and instead the driver informed the two where to obtain them.

The next day the informant told investigators when and where the suspects planned to get their guns. Agents watched and followed the pair as they traveled around Atlanta and ultimately to an area about 17 miles northeast of the city where they obtained two pistols: a Beretta Cougar and an Astra.

The agents observed Maturano and Santos travel back to their motel, and at 9 that evening, agents arrested the pair without incident.

Upon arrest Maturano and Santos both admitted to being Mexican nationals and to being present in the United States illegally.

Both men are scheduled to appear back in court on May 26.

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