Civilian intervenes after seeing cop in need (VIDEO)


After leaving his daughter’s school in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, last week, Jeremy Wachsmuth saw an officer on the side of the road, struggling with a man and obviously in need, but instead of driving on by, Wachsmuth pulled over and assisted the officer.

Officer Briana Johnson was originally responding to a call about a man who was passed out on the side of the road, but as she approached Stephen Pearson, who smelled strongly of alcohol, he began to threaten her, saying that he hated cops and he would kill her.

Pearson, who was released from prison just two weeks ago, initiated a physical confrontation with the officer, and as Wachsmuth passed by, Pearson had Johnson pinned to the ground with her head hanging over the street curb.

“She was trying to hold her gun while he was trying to grab it,” Wachsmuth said. “So I slammed on the brakes, ran over there tackled him.”

With Wachsmuth’s assistance, Johnson and a reserve officer were able to subdue Pearson, who now faces charges for attempting to disarm a police officer, fourth-degree assault, and making a terroristic threat.

Johnson is thankful for Wachsmuth’s actions, but he says it’s really no big deal.

“They do a lot for us,” he said. “They risk their lives, they leave their family… she’s the hero… not me.”

[Fox 9]

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