Two arrested after dog is instructed to attack police officer (VIDEO)

A man’s dog was shot by a Lubbock police officer Monday night when the dog charged at the officer on the command of its owner.

Officers went to the house after responding to a call about a loud party and guns being shot in the residential area just before midnight. As the officers came upon the front door of the home, where a party was apparently underway, two guns could clearly be seen in plain view, as well as a Mastiff.

One of the officers knocked at the door, and as the door is opened, the dog’s owner could he heard yelling, “Get him!” before the mastiff, along with a second dog that wasn’t initially seen, charged at the officer. In turn, the officer shot the dog twice.

Animal Control took both dogs into custody, and the owner of the dogs, Adam Martinez, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer and discharging a firearm in a municipality. Martinez also had an unrelated misdemeanor warrant.

Officers discovered that another man at the home, Richard Melendez Ramirez, was wanted on two unrelated felony warrants. He was arrested and also charged with being a felon in a possession of a firearm.

[Lubbock Online]

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