Want help racking that slide? Check out the TacRack (VIDEO)

With the right technique, just about anyone can rack a slide on a handgun, chambered for just about any round. That doesn’t mean that some people can’t benefit from a little help. Whether it’s for strength issues, health issues or just more speed, the TacRack, from Mounting Solutions Plus, is here to help.

Developed for Glock and M&P pistols, the TacRack is a drop-in replacement striker retainer plate for the popular service pistols. The plate is machined from 6061 aluminum and provides a pair of wings to hang on to that makes it easier to get a grip on the slide of your gun.

The wings are flat facing the shooter but slightly hooked up front which means that it can be used to charge a pistol one-handed, by pushing the frame of the handgun forward with the slide fastened to a surface, like the top of a table or the side of a belt.

With two hands racking a slide goes from a practiced move to a quick yank, which makes it easier for any kind of shooter to use, not just people who have trouble racking slides. The TacRack has serious tactical and competition applications making it an appealing drop-in upgrade for users everywhere. The TacRack also helps get a grip on slides that have been fit with a micro red dot sight.

About the only thing it might complicate is concealed-carry, since the wings, by necessity, stick out a little from the sides of the slide. It might be worth it for some shooters, and will be minimized by a good molded holster. For $29 it might be worth trying no matter what kind of shooter you happen to be.


TacRack retainer plates are offered with and without engravings. (Photo: MSP)

TacRack striker retainer plates are available Glock and Smith & Wesson pistols, easily the two most popular service pistols in use today. They are offered engraved with the American flag, the Punisher logo or the Gadsden Flag, as well as plain black anodized.

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