School security guard fired after 5th grader gets his gun (VIDEO)

A man working for private company as a security guard for an Anderson, South Carolina, school has been fired following an incident Monday in which a fifth-grade student was able to gain control of the man’s firearm.

According to Kyle Newton, spokesman for the school district, the security guard, whose name has not been released, was sitting on a bench with students on either side of him when one of those students reached for his gun and removed it from the the holster.

Altogether the firearm was only free for about 10 seconds. No shots were fired and nobody was injured, but the security guard was terminated and the student is also facing disciplinary action.

Employees from the security company have recently replaced sheriff’s deputies as school resource officers, a move which has the Chester County Sheriff upset and concerned that it places the children in danger.

Nonetheless, the school district confirmed that they will keep the company for private security next year.


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