XS has Big Dot sights for the Glock 42 and 43

glock 43 42 xs sights big dot night sight max slowik

A Glock 43 with a Big Dot installed. (Photo: XS)

XS Sight Systems is happy to announce that they’ve adapted their express sight system for the recently-launched Glock 43 and its single-stack predecessor, the Glock 42. XS is rolling out night sights compatible with both handguns at a nice price.

They’ve got two sets of express-style night sights, their famous Big Dot and more conventional Standard Dot, each with a large round front sight with an embedded tritium lamp for sight acquisition in low light conditions. XS sights are based on big game rifle sights that promote speed over target precision.

glock 43 42 xs sights standard dot night sight

The Standard Dot has a smaller white ring around the tritium lamp. (Photo: XS)

With XS sights you “dot the i” by centering the white dot front sight in the shallow v of the rear site, which has a single post in the middle. It’s a straightforward aiming system that’s fast and intuitive.

“Here at XS, the entire staff has been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the new Glock 43,” said R&D manager Bo Wallace. “While test firing for sight development, it did not disappoint! It was very controllable and one of the more accurate pistols of this class that we have had the pleasure of handling.”

The rear sight doesn’t have a tritium insert, which isn’t uncommon with fast-acquisition sights, and it helps keep things priced nicely. Both the Big Dot and Standard dot have suggested retail prices of $90 with in-store prices expected to be a little less.

To find out more about these sights and how to use them, or to order a set directly, head over to the XS Sight Systems website for more.

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