New Kryptec and Snakeskin camo Desert Eagles from MRI

desert eagle 44 50 kryptec snakeskin mri max slowik

Both new patterns will be available in .44 Mag. and .50 AE. (Photo: MRI)

Following years of service with filmmakers, video game developers and television teams around the world, the Desert Eagle is getting two new even flashier editions, offered in .44 Magnum and of course, .50 Action Express.

Magnum Research, or MRI, is releasing these new editions following the success of other showy versions, with their cheetah print being the latest to take the Desert Eagle cake.

MRI selected a water transfer process for the pistols that delivers both a good-looking and durable finish. These prints are resistant to gun cleaners and solvents and even acetone, living up to the overbuilt Desert Eagle standard.

While the Desert Eagle is best known as a show piece, they’re exceedingly hard-use handguns that can take years of punishing shooting, completely forsaking light or low-recoil loads. Both new editions will be offered in .44 Mag and .50 AE.

They use the same gas-operated semi-automatic action as other Desert Eagle pistols and are standard with 6-inch barrels. The frames are railed to accommodate just about any kind of optic including long-eye-relief scopes. Models chambered for .44 Magnum have a 8+1-round capacity with the .50-caliber guns holding one less in the magazine.

The suggested retail price of these new handguns is $1793 in both calibers and finishes. Even though real-world prices will be significantly less, you still have to pay for style. Desert Eagle fans should be warned, though: MRI is expected to add even more new prints to their line-up later this year. For now, these will do.

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