FN donates 15 pistols to the Boy Scouts marksman program (VIDEO)

Gun maker FN America announced Tuesday it donated 15 FNS pistols to the Boy Scouts of America’s marksman program, which is hosted at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, a national scouting center in Glen Jean, West Virginia.

“We are committed to supporting the next generation of firearms owners as they learn to become safe, responsible marksmen,” said Mark Cherpes, FN’s president and chief executive officer.

Scouts and venturers attending the marksman program this summer will have the opportunity to learn the basics of pistol shooting with the striker-fired FNS-9 Standard and the brand-new FNS-9 Compact, both chambered in 9mm (if you hadn’t guessed that already).

“The Marksman program stands as one of the largest youth shooting programs in the United States,” said Ryan King, shooting sports program manager for the Boy Scouts of America marksman program. “This generous gift shows FNH USA’s commitment to our nation’s youth, the Scouting movement, and the Summit Bechtel Reserve.”

The donation comes on the heels of the Scouts reportedly prohibiting water guns over fear it would send the wrong message to the youth: that pointing guns at people was OK. Some gun rights advocates view the rule as promoting an “anti-gun” agenda and overall “pussification” of American males.

The marksman program is a seven-day, six night program that runs Sunday to Saturday, according to the description on the program’s webpage. It consists of three days of shooting and archery activities, which may include trap, five-stand, steel challenge, pistol, long distance rifle, 3D archery, long distance archery and sporting arrows.

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