Gun grabbers have hijacked the Boy Scouts—Who’s next?

The Washington Times reported recently that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have banned water gun fights.  Why? Because BSA leaders say that “pointing a firearm [simulated or otherwise]” is not “kind.”

Obviously, this has nothing to do with promoting scout values. Rather, it is just another attempt to villainize the use of guns—even fake ones—to promote their vision of a “utopian” gun-free world.

What better place to advance their indoctrination efforts than the Boy Scouts of America? The group describes itself as “one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations.” By tweaking BSA’s values from within, gun haters are able to impact all the students who come through the organization.

This brings up an important question: what values are these folks seeking to promote with this new rule? Are they trying to form men who run away from guns at the very sight of them? Are they trying to build a generation of pacifists who flee from any type of conflict?

The value system of gun grabbers is pretty straightforward: guns are evil and they have no place in the world. Behind all of their phony, guilt-tripping rhetoric, they believe that there is no need for self-defense and that even good, values-oriented people should not own or use guns for protection.

These anti-gun activists have a right to their opinion, but they don’t need to force-feed it to the American public, let alone our nation’s idealistic youth. By imposing their views upon the Boy Scouts of America, they are changing the very nature of this organization.

BSA is supposed to be forming strong young men—not a bunch of pacifists. Kindness is a wonderful value to promote, but it’s not going to protect your family when your house is being burglarized.

Our natural reaction is to laugh about the silliness of banning water gun fights, but the implications are actually quite sobering. Gun grabbers have compromised one of the few remaining organizations that promote American values to young people, and this is only the beginning. It’s safe to assume that this is part of a much larger, concerted effort to undermine the Second Amendment.

Anti-gun activists will continue to use extreme tactics to captivate the media and receive the attention they crave.

Perhaps their next move will be banning Pop-Tart guns. Oh wait, that’s already happened.

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