This Detroit cop can break dance like nobody's business (VIDEO)

While at the Movement festival last weekend, Detroit Police Officer Frederick Youngblood showed the eager crowd how to bust some moves for about a minute while the crowd cheered him on.

After the impromptu performance, Youngblood said, “I’d like to thank everyone for the positive feedback. Dancing is something I still enjoy as well as making people laugh and smile. I just wanted to do a part in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the public. We are nothing if our community can’t relate to us and doesn’t trust us.”

But that wasn’t the only time during the festival that he became the center of attention either. While Scottish DJ Hudson Mohawke was on stage, Youngblood hopped up and joined him, raising his hands in an effort to encourage the audience. A move that worked.

“It was just to let the crowd know we support them and love them. And they love us too,” Youngblood later said. “It’s a great thing when the community and the police come together.”

[Detroit Free Press, Bob Ochiai]

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