Woman steals veterans' headstones to build fire pit (VIDEO)

A 54-year-old woman is behind bars after someone turned her in for an unusual kind of theft. Apparently Penny Snodgrass had been stealing headstones and grave decorations from a neighboring cemetery to build a fire pit and decorate her property near Alum Creek in West Virginia.

Jamie Wilson had noticed items missing from his grandfather’s grave, and after reporting the theft, a nearby resident phoned in to police with an anonymous tip.

Sure enough, authorities found decorative concrete statues at the end of Snodgrass’ driveway, as well as hanging baskets, flowers and other décor. Headstones of veterans were being used to surround a fire pit.

“If you would have asked me the day that it happened, I would have had no sympathy but I could blatantly tell by seeing her on the news that she has some serious issues she needs to work out with herself,” Wilson said. “I think somewhere along the line, Adult Protective Services needs to get involved and maybe get her some kind of help or some sort of guidance.”

Neighbors said the woman has a history of mental illness and drug abuse. In fact, they said last year she burned down her house and garage and now lives in a plywood shed.

Snodgrass is being held on a $75,000 bond and faces a slew of charges, including larceny, unlawful disposal of litter, having an open dump, and removal of grave markers.


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