Dash cam footage released of deadly altercation between OK trooper and pastor (VIDEO)

Authorities released part of the dash cam footage captured in the moments leading up to the shooting death of an Oklahoma pastor Friday night.

Nehemiah Fischer and his brother, Brandon, were near a truck that was quickly being engulfed by flood waters as Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers verbally commanded them to come away from the unsafe area.

The video shows the two men approach the officers and Nehemiah pushed one of them before the troopers draw their guns. At some point during the altercation, one officer was pushed to the ground by Nehemiah, before shots were fired, resulting in Nehemiah’s death.

Brandon was arrested and charged with public intoxication and simple assault, and authorities confirmed Nehemiah was carrying a handgun.

Meanwhile, Nehemiah’s family has demanded answers, claiming that he was a gentle man who would never harm anyone.


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