POF Puritan barrels now sold separately

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POF Puritan barrels feature E2 micro-fluted chambers, 5R rifling and more. At $215 they’re priced right for any all-purpose AR build. (Photo: POF)

The Patriot Ordnance Factory has earned a strong reputation for making durable and accurate AR-type rifles. Now the company is selling barrels, which have a slew of features not matched by other manufacturers, all by themselves and at an affordable price.

This is obviously good news for existing POF customers looking to extend the life of their carbines. Barrels are wear parts and even the best-made, hardest-finished barrels eventually get shot out. But it’s also good for rifle builders of all types.

POF’s 5.56 NATO match barrels are the heart of all of its rifles and everything about them stands out — all the small tweaks add up. They start with the E2 fluted chamber, which has four microgrooves that let a small amount of gas unseal the case neck from the chamber walls. These flutes are too small to warp the cases, they just make extraction more reliable.

Moving forward from there is the use of 5R rifling. This rifling pattern is pretty rare in the world of black rifles and more frequently seen with the long range and bench rest crowds. The rifling has a 1-in-8-inch twist rate to accommodate a wide range of bullet weights from cheap imported surplus to long, low-drag loads.

The barrels measure in at 16.5 inches long and is threaded for standard muzzle devices. It has a mid-length gas system which puts less stress on the bolt carrier group and has less felt recoil than shorter, harsher gas system lengths and has a deep black nitride finish that’s tougher and more inherently accurate than chrome.

Right now POF only offer the one barrel in the single straight-walled medium profile, but they picked the right one to sell separately. Priced at $215 it’s very competitive, sporting a lot of features unique to the Puritan profile. Whether you’re looking to upgrade, replace or start from scratch, this barrel would be right at home with any all-purpose AR rifle.

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