Drunk guy harassing elderly man gets knocked out (VIDEO)


Security footage from outside of a business shows the moment when an elderly gentlemen knocked out a man harassing him and put his friend to the ground.

Apparently the group of guys, who were drunk, and the older man ended up outside of the business at the same time, and one of the young guys began harassing the older man for no apparent reason. The man stood there for some time in front of the younger guy for some time with his arms crossed, as the youngster continually got in the man’s face.

Then, out of nowhere, the older gentlemen takes a swing, striking the guy who had been harassing him. At that point, the guy’s friend jumped in and swiftly got a punch to the face as well, causing him to fall back on the ground.

The second guy stayed put, lying on the pavement, but the first guy decided to take one more chance, a move which he momentarily regret. The old man took one more swing at the guy, this time knocking him unconscious. The remaining friends stood around, deciding that they would rather not get involved in the altercation with the old man, who incidentally turned out to be a boxer.

[HD News 24]

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