Innovative Arms adds night sights to LCP, TCP and P3AT

innovative arms lcp p3at tcp sight upgrade package

Originally developed for the LCP, Innovative Arms now offers the service for TCP and P3AT pistols. (Photo: Innovative Arms)

Innovative Arms has taken up adding night sights, giving people everywhere the option of upgrading to a front night sight on their Ruger LCP, Taurus TCP or Kel-Tec P3AT pistols. The whole package runs about as much as a set of premium night sights and includes machining and refinishing.

The standard models of these guns have minimalist integral sights that normally can’t be upgraded at all. Innovative Arms machines the slides to accept a tritium night sight up front and a in-house machined rear notch sight. For a little extra, they will also polish the barrel and feed ramp, which can improve reliability.

innovative arms lcp sight upgrade package

A solid upgrade for anyone in need of “real” sights. (Photo: Innovative Arms)

The base service runs $150 including the sights, machining and a fresh parkerized finish. Other finishes are available including black satin moly resin for $10 more or gloss black, olive drab and flat dark earth for $15. For pistols with stainless steel slides they will touch it up with a brushed finish.

Innovative’s main focus is gun suppressors and suppressor accessories like the WAR gas-regulating direct impingement AR upper receiver. But with so few options for sight upgrades for these popular little guns the team decided to roll up their sleeves and do it themselves. Originally an upgrade just for the Ruger LCP, Innovative Arms has expanded the service to include the Taurus TCP and Kel-Tec P3AT as well.

If you carry one of these mouseguns and like them for their size and weight but would really rather have something with larger “real” sights than this is the package for you.

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