'No Serbu For You!' revisited (VIDEO)

I caught up with Mark Serbu at SHOT Show in Las Vegas earlier this year and asked him to recount the infamous “No Serbu For You!” incident.

In 2013, Mark Serbu of Serbu Arms refused to sell his BFG-50A semi-automatic .50 rifle to the New York City Police Department after the passage of the NY SAFE Act that classified their weapon as an assault rifle. This meant civilians in New York were unable to purchase the same firearm.

Following their refusal to sell the rifles, Serbu then had t-shirts printed with an image of the classic Seinfeld character The Soup Nazi, played by actor Larry Thomas, and the words “No Serbu For You.”

Thomas, a gun control advocate, contacted Facebook and the t-shirt printers to have the shirts removed. Serbu has since removed the image of Thomas and replaced it with Serbu’s face.

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