Watch retrial challenge to California's 'good cause' requirement (VIDEO)

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday heard the retrial of Peruta v. San Diego and Richards v. Yolo County, two cases in which the same court found last year that local sheriffs in California practiced gun permit licensing schemes that were unconstitutional.

In just over an hour of oral arguments by first former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement on behalf of Peruta and the National Rifle Association, then Alan Gura on behalf of Richards and the Second Amendment Foundation, two of the most talented pro-gun lawyers in the country, gave 11 federal judges what could be seen as excellent arguments for expanding concealed carry rights in California by striking the good cause requirement.

Deputy Attorney General Edward DuMont then weighs in for the state and had to dodge questions from the court as to why the state of California, who has never elected to enter the 6-year-old case until last year, is now fighting to keep the right for each county to choose their own course in granting concealed carry permits.

Moreover, the toughest question from the court went to DuMont, who was asked by Judge Consuelo Callahan, “But the Second Amendment doesn’t change county to county, right?”

It’s good stuff and will sure to be a case that is widely cited, no matter the outcome, for years to come.

So, if you have an hour that you can get away with using your headphones at work, go ahead, and tune in. If not, you’ll just have to wait until you get home, but watch it either way.

The gun rights of 38 million Californians, not to mention those in seven other may-issue states such as Hawaii, Maryland, and New Jersey by extension, are up for grabs.

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