A retired Marine Colonel is buying up old Harriers

Lt. Col. Art Nalls was a Marine test pilot who spent a lot of time in a number of airframes to include Harrier jump jets.

The Harrier, legendary as one of the few aircraft capable of VIFFing (Vectoring in Forward Flight– in other words going straight up or to down) as well as VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing), has been a staple of the Marines since the 1970s.

Well, after Nalls retired, he went shopping for a jump jet of his own and found a pre-owned British Royal Navy Sea Harrier FA2, which he pieced back together and got FAA approval for– now he’s looking to pick up a couple more.

No word on if he is saving Pepsi Points, however.

(Photo: CBS News)

(Photo: CBS News)

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