NJ smart gun law author reiterates desire to remove mandate (VIDEO)

New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg crafted the state’s 2002 smart gun law but she is now leading the charge to recast it to help spur development of the technology.

The Democratic lawmaker was an original supporter of measure that became known as New Jersey’s smart gun law. As implemented, it would require that all guns sold in the Garden State be equipped with personalized safety capabilities within three years of the technology becoming practical.

Last summer, Weinberg publicly advised that she would seek to rescind the bill so long as gun rights groups such as the National Rifle Association make concessions that she saw as a roadblock to the development of the technology.

However, even without concessions by the Second Amendment group, Weinberg has again stated that she would be interested in revisiting the law as companies that promote the technology have failed to gain traction in the market over concerns by many that it would set New Jersey’s three-year countdown in motion.

She was candid with NJTV News last weekend that she plans to introduce new legislation this fall. Under her proposal, gun stores in the state would be required to stock smart guns, but not exclusively.

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