Wounded vet explains how to lose weight in hilarious video (VIDEO)

Derek Weida is self-described as having “a little motivation, a little inspiration and a whole lot of not giving a fuck.”

Weida lost his right leg while serving in Iraq and, like many veterans, struggled with what to do when he returned home, but took his experiences and decided to do what he could to help other veterans and anybody else who’s struggling.

Weida is big on health and fitness, but his motivational speeches aren’t exactly the norm.

“I get bored of cliché motivational things so I’m more of a ‘fuck yeah’ kind of guy,” Weida said in an interview last year with Max magazine. “I enjoy and have some skill at public speaking. I have a compelling story about dreams, loss, and recovery. For such a solitary creature I seem to be one of those magnetic people.”

One look at his Facebook page and its more than 185,000 fans, and the magnetism of his personality emanates. But with his latest video, which talks about getting in shape and losing weight, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to him.

The video features simple advice, no frills, no deals, but a whole lotta f-bombs.

[Derek Weida]

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