Larry Vickers takes a look at the classic Bren 10 (VIDEO)

Vickers Tactical brings back one of the great “could have beens” of the Miami Vice-era, the venerable but ill-fated vaporware Bren Ten and puts it through its paces.

Legendary Marine Colonel John Dean “Jeff” Cooper was possibly one of the greatest ambassadors of the arts of combat shooting. The Colonel was and remains among the most influential thinkers on modern tactical shooting yet his greatest foray into the handgun market– the Bren Ten– never quite made it into real production.

They did, however, get lots of airtime in the hands of pastel-clad Sonny Crockett back when Phil Collins was a chart topper.

While Vickers doesnt have any Ferrari Daytona Spiders or partner named Tubbs in the above clip, he does spend some quality time hitting steel with the big 10mm– which would probably make Col. Cooper happier anyway.

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