12-Year-old calls out Obama on gun control agenda post-Charleston (VIDEO)


Video blogger CJ Pearson may be a pre-teen but he has something very lucid to say on President Obama’s statements on gun control following the attack in Charleston last week.

“The shooting of 9 innocent churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina was a senseless tragedy but leave it up to our President to politicize and discount the deaths of so many,” said Georgia youth Pearson in the introduction to the video, which has picked up nearly a half-million views since it was posted Friday.

“We don’t go out and take away everyone’s cars after a stupid person gets a DUI,” says Pearson. “Because that stupid person’s actions aren’t representative of everyone who drives a car. So why is some lunatic who clearly lacks a stable mental state representative of every gun-toting American?”

Keep an eye on this young man.

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