Can you identify the epic junk that is this Chinese Mystery Pistol? (VIDEO)

Ian, the keeper of the flame over at Forgotten Weapons, who has likely seen more questionable steel than a Detroit scrap yard owner, brings us what he feels is the perfect specimen of Chinese counterfeit pistols.

What is a ChiMystPist you ask?

Well in a nutshell, these guns were products of the cottage industry that arose in old pre-Communist China from about 1890-1950 where your local neighborhood gunsmith would pop out modern art masterpieces that contained several handgun-like properties. And to make sure they got top yuan for their wares, they were not above counterfeiting popular brands, styles, and logos to garner a little extra coin.

I know, hard to believe, right?

Anyway, Ian carefully dissects the hunk of steel and partially moving parts with the eye of a paleontologist searching through the dust to identify a fossil he has never seen before.

Let’s go through the checklist:

-Has a hammer but is actually striker-fired and the hammer is non-functional? Check!

-Has the appearance of sights graduated in incredibly optimistic ranges but has no actual adjustment? Check!

-Bonus for the sights actually lining up? Not earned.

-The words “patent” and fake proof marks from multiple countries with no reason? Oh, you know that’s a check!

-And guess where the barrel is? Extra credit if you get it right before you watch the video.

In all, give the video a try and never look down on a factory-made handgun again.

At least you know more about the rare “Patent Patent Patent Brevet Brevet Brevet Bulls-eye” brand of pistol moving forward.

Our guess? Lo Pan conjured it up before he left for San Francisco.

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