Ohio officer accidentally shoots 4-year-old girl while aiming for dog (VIDEO)

A 4-year-old girl is expected to be okay after she was accidentally shot by a Columbus police officer Friday afternoon.

The officer was apparently doing a follow-up about a hit-and-run when a woman ran out of a house screaming that her sister had been cut with a piece of glass. As the officer walked towards the house, the dog charged at him.

The officer shot at the perceived threat, but missed the dog. The bullet apparently traveled into the house where the little girl was located and struck her in the right leg. The girl’s mother then ran out of the house yelling that her daughter had been shot.

“He seemed a little disoriented, like he was really bothered,” said Norman Jones, who called the police after hearing the shot.

Nobody else was injured by the bullet, but the woman, who is the girl’s mother, was transported to the hospital to receive treatment for the cut.

One neighbor told reporters that the family has two dogs, but they are on shock collars and unable to leave the house.

The officer’s name has not been released.

[Columbus Dispatch]

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