Canadian officer can freestyle rap like nobody's business (VIDEO)

Making its rounds through social media is a video of a Canadian transit peace officer – in full uniform – freestyle rapping as an excited crowd cheers him on at a hip hop event in Edmonton.

Halley Barrantes, who is also known as “Tha Witness,” said he simply feels it’s important to reach out to the youth and his unique talent affords him the opportunity to do just that. He said it’s vital to show them that officers are human too and they care about culture.

“People think that hip hop is something negative and unfortunately that is what the image has been portrayed as,” Barrantes said.

“Being a Christian, having that worldview, doing my music I want to portray positive living, positive aspects of society especially when it comes to the parallel between Christianity and law enforcement,” he added.

Officer Thomas Chapman thinks Barrantes’ actions help to put them in a better perspective with people.

“It was a freestyle, and so I’d say whatever is in your heart is what is going to come out,” Barrantes said of the impromptu performance which also included a tribute to fellow fallen officer Const. Daniel Woodall.

[CTV News]

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