Experimental super magnum tungsten 12 ga. slugs v. steel plates and concrete (VIDEO)

Taofledermaus, the same group of guys that have proven the ballistic capabilities of gummi bears, recently crafted some super heavy tungsten shotgun slugs, then promptly saw what they could do.

For those who don’t know, tungsten is mega dense. Also known as wolfram, which you may remember from Chem I on the periodic table, goes by the symbol “W” which we guess can only mean, “wow, this stuff is heavy.” So heavy in fact besides its use in making super alloys, and radiation shielding, the military uses it for projectiles used to defeat armor plate.

Which is where Team Hotpocket and the ‘Maus crew come in with some donated cobalt sintered tungsten carbide buttons.

Anyway, watch the above to see just what 1.5 ounces (remember a typical max load for a shotgun shell is closer to 1-ounce) of tungsten slug will do to the plate, the sand behind it, and the sound barrier.

Also, where can we get one of those ‘Merica muscle shirts at? Its getting hot outside.

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