Man successfully robs bank with… sex toy? (VIDEO)

A man who was desperate after recently losing money in the stock market came up with a foolproof plan to rob a Pennsylvania bank using a fake bomb he crafted from a sex toy.

According to Crafton Police Chief Mark Sumpter, Aaron Stein apparently walked into a PNC Bank branch and pretended to have a bomb while demanding cash.

“He had a mask on, said he had a bomb, displayed some wires hanging out from underneath his shirt,” Sumpter explained.

Stein initially made out with the cash, but Robinson Township Officer Mike Gastgeb later spotted Stein’s white Toyota Corolla and initiated a stop. He fessed up to the fiasco and admitted that he didn’t have a bomb, but rather a makeshift plaything made from a sex toy, some phone cables and duct tape.

Stein now faces felony charges which include aggravated assault, robbery, and possession of a facsimile and threatening to use a weapon of… wait for it… mass destruction.

[CBS Pittsburgh]

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