Hey buddy, need a pistol caliber Kalashnikov? (6 Pictures)

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Where have you been my whole life? (Photo: Kaliashnicon)

It seems a small gunshop in Arizona is now cranking out a few on-demand pistol caliber AK-47 pattern rifles and pistols in 9mm, .40, 10mm and .45ACP; and did we mention they take Glock mags?

Kaliashnicon Kaliashnicon 2These guns are a product of Kaliashnicon, a Phoenix-based maker of National Firearms Act items and other wares. The group recently posted images of some of the spicer new Kalanshi-glocks that it came up with for a NASCAR promotion and magazine shoot.

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The gun gurus over at The Firearm Blog did the legwork on the background story as follows:

Here is our 9mm AK platform with the Glock magwell adapter.. ( we made a removable magwell, changeable to other magazines. We currently do Glock, Sten, M&P and H&K MP5 mags. We build on custom Childers Guns receivers, the 9mm, .40 /10mm and .45 all use a custom length (shorter) receiver. The bolt and carrier are done in house. We spin our own barrel out of Green Mountain barrel blanks. 10/1 twist, all finishing of chamber is also done in house by us. Trunnions are of Romanian manufacture and are modified to suit our needs, we have entirely new trunnions and rear sight blocks being machined now. Same design but made in the USA. Front sight/gas block are from Kvar. The .45 AK platform is the same as the 9mm but as of now we are only doing magwells for Glock, M&P, single stack 1911 and grease gun mags. We use under folder rear trunnions in all our pistol builds so it’s an easy SBR project provided you get the tax stamp. The .40 and 10mm are the same as the 9mm and .45 in mag choices minus a couple obvious ones. All pistol caliber’s are blowback action and we will soon be offering all models in a milled receiver with many stock options as well as a brand new gas driven system.

So yeah, if you are looking for a pistol-caliber AK, more power to you.

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