SC rep: 'Somebody in there with a means of self-defense could've stopped this' (VIDEO)

CNN interviews South Carolina state Rep. William Chumley about taking down the Confederate flag and the Charleston church shootings.

In short, Chumley is against removing the flag from the statehouse grounds and raises the question of why didn’t someone try to stop the suspected shooter.

“I think misuse and mis-education of the flag has probably pushed it to this point,” Chumley said in response to the social and legislative effort to remove it from the Capitol. He said that the call is what the people want and denied that demographics have changed across The Palmetto State.

“Why do we let hate groups dictate how we feel and how we live. Hate groups are everywhere. There are mean people everywhere — we found that out in Charleston. We’re focusing on the wrong thing here. We need to be focusing on the nine families that are left and see this doesn’t happen again,” he said. “These people sat in there and waited their turn to be shot, that’s sad. Somebody in there with a means of self-defense could’ve stopped this.”

He added, “Why didn’t somebody just do something? You got one skinny person shooting a gun, you know, we need to take — do what we can.”

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