SIG's P320 scored a contract with the Okla. Highway Patrol

63rd OHP academy graduation

New academy graduates will receive P320 pistols along with the rest of the OHP state-wide. (Photo: OHP)

SIG Sauer scored another win for the P320 with a contract to supply the Oklahoma Highway Patrol with the new striker-fired pistols. The P320 has been a big success for SIG since its introduction just last year with many users saying it’s one of the best next-generation service pistols on the market.

“We have observed the pistol to be accurate, reliable and operator-friendly,” said Lt. Todd Fenimore of the OHP. “We are looking forward to the statewide pistol transition.”


The P320 is a very modern handgun and has been landing agency and department contracts left and right. (Photo: SIG)

The OHP is going with the full-size 4.7-inch P320 in 9mm Luger with a 17+1 capacity. The gun features ambidextrous and reversible controls for left- and right-handed users, along with interchangeable grip shells to fit shooters of all hand sizes, both features that make it an excellent handgun for departmental and agency use.

The P320 also has a very consistent, predictable trigger that’s ready for duty right out of the box. Another feature that’s designed with law enforcement in mind is a take-down system that doesn’t require the pull of a trigger. This makes the guns safer for the officers and everyone else.

“All of us here at SIG are proud to have the Oklahoma Highway Patrol be the first state police agency to adopt the P320,” said Tom Jankiewicz, SIG’s vice president of Law Enforcement Sales. “The pistol’s safety, accuracy and reliability are what our law enforcement customers expect in a striker-fired pistol worthy of the SIG Sauer name.”

And as P320 X-Change kits become available it will be possible to convert the full-size guns to compacts or subcompacts for off-duty use and concealed-carry. SIG P320 pistols are completely modular and can be chambered for different cartridges and reconfigured in different sizes, something that’s handy for shooters everywhere.

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