Chuck Norris: Churches need 'We don't call 911' signs

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Chuck Norris, who doesn’t only own weapons but actually is a weapon, has a possible solution when it comes to deterring crazy people from walking into a building and shooting innocent people, but it doesn’t include any sort of legislation.

Norris explained in a recent op-ed that hanging at his Texas ranch is a sign with the words “We don’t call 9-1-1.”

“Maybe it’s time a few churches put that sign on their doors, too,” he said.

The martial arts expert also criticized President Obama’s reaction to the deadly shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church last week.

“When will Obama and other progressives learn that increasing government gun control and legislation won’t keep them out of the hands of bad guys?” Norris queried. “They will further disarm honest, good Americans who need that protection against murderous thugs like the parasite who walked into the Emmanuel AME Church.”


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