Deceased man found in car with parking tickets affixed to windshield (VIDEO)

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The body of a 47-year-old man was found inside an illegally parked car in Brooklyn Tuesday.

The man, who was identified as Mamadou Barry, was found just after noon. It wasn’t immediately known how long authorities believed the man had been deceased, but two parking tickets were found, the oldest dated June 16. However, one of the tickets was also found inside the car, while the second was affixed to the windshield.

An investigation revealed the cars parked in front of and behind Barry’s Buick Regal had been ticketed on the day he was found, but not Barry’s, even though it was still illegally parked. Authorities are working to determine why Barry’s vehicle was skipped and possibly whether he was believed to still be alive at that time.

Authorities said it appears Barry died of natural causes.

[New York Daily News]

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