Miculek gives the new M1 Carbine Paratrooper a workout (VIDEO)

Jerry Miculek got his hands on a new production Inland M1 Carbine in the much sought-after folding stock model similar to that used by the Army airborne units in World War II.

The short and compact M1 was designed as a rifle to equip second line troops such as truck drivers and cooks who, from time to time, needed more protection than a pistol could offer without need for the firepower of a larger 30.06 Garand. This led to the handy 5-pound M1 Carbine with its intermediate .30 caliber round.

The same features that made the little rifle perfect for use by the guys in the rear with the gear also set the carbine up to equip light traveling glider and parachute dropped infantry– and the folding stock version of the M1 was born.

Jerry uses a new-made Inland M1 Carbine introduced last fall which are designed to be true to the originals down to the arsenal markings and cartouches, combining history and shootability in a single package.

And, in typical Miculek fashion, Jerry plays it like a fiddle.

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