CarniK Con pops up with some Daewoo rifles and pistols (VIDEO)

The comic genius that is CarniK Con’s Dugan Ashley has popped back up with a look at the South Korean-made Daewoo K2 (AR-100) rifle and the triple-action K5 (DP51 pistol).

Designed in South Korea in the 1970s to replace U.S. made weapons with something newer and locally sourced, these guns were made by the Daewoo Group– perhaps best known for home appliances and economy cars. These guns were briefly imported in the 1980s and 90s from North Korea’s much cooler southern neighbor but the flow of these reliable and interesting guns was severed due to import restrictions, making them a neat but rarely encountered class of firearms here in the states.

And Dugan puts them both through their paces in a unique style all of his own.

We are glad to see him back.

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