The Tomcar is the ultimate bug out vehicle (VIDEO)

Peter Lesbo of Integrated Components and Mod Armory tells us about the Tomcar at SHOT Show in Las Vegas in February 2015.

The Tomcar is a type of commercial off-road utility vehicle made in two and four seat models, and is powered by either unleaded petrol or diesel engines. It uses a CVT transmission system and a chain driven final drive system, giving the vehicles a ground clearance of 38 cm (15″).

The Tomcar’s chain-driven swingarm system allows the vehicle an above average ground clearance and suspension articulation, and also create “anti-squat” or lift.

Under acceleration, a vehicle usually squats in the rear due to the physics of conventional drive-trains. In the Tomcar vehicles, this torque is displaced, causing the swing arms to be “pulled” down and under the vehicle, creating a rear-end lift. This is known in physics as ‘anti-squat’.

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