Behind the scenes at the U.S. military's robot world championship (VIDEO)

Motherboard went behind the curtain at DARPA’s battle droid challenge in California earlier this month and bring you the highlights of the republic’s next crop of robot warriors.

The Robotics Challenge Finals is a multiyear event sponsored the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, sort of the clearing house/shark tank for science fair projects that involve military subjects.

Announced earlier this year, 25 final teams competed over an obstacle course to win some $3.5 million in prizes and advance to the next stage of competition, which we can only hope will look more like the soulless ranks of mecha promised us in sci fi films over the past 75 years.

And if you have time to kill and want to know more, the official (and four-hour-long) DARPA film on the Finals is below.

Roger, Roger.

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