Talo's showing of this summer's exclusive Rugers

ruger gp100 unfluted talo max slowik

The new GP100 Unfluted is giving everyone a reason to buy a revolver this summer. (Photo: Talo)

Talo has released photos of the Summer 2015 Ruger exclusives and they’re pretty drool-worthy. They have two exclusives this summer, a GP100 magnum revolver and a good-looking and practical Ruger American Rimfire.

While we’re sure the Ruger American Rimfire will make more than a few people happy it’s the GP100 that’s going to turn heads. Talo’s newest GP100 is the Unfluted, with a smooth-sided cylinder, 6-inch barrel and full length underlug with a brushed stainless finish.

The revolver has a clean, almost slab-sided look to it that is instantly appealing and you don’t have to be a wheel gun person to appreciate it. It’s chambered for .357 Magnum and with its long barrel and contoured walnut grip it looks capable of taming the hottest magnum loads.

With a 6-inch barrel the Unfluted model will also be able to take advantage of those hotter loads, making it more suitable for handgun hunting with higher projectile velocities and less muzzle flash and report. Loaded up with .38 Special it’s guaranteed to be a pipsqueak of a handgun for people new to shooting and anyone looking for something with the least possible recoil.

The long sight radius will also help shooters get on target, up close and a longer ranges. The Unfluted model uses standard GP100 sights and comes with a ramped black front sight and an adjustable white outline rear sight.

talo faux walnut ruger american rimfire

The exclusive Ruger American Rimfire blends modern function and classic looks. (Photo: Talo)

Talo’s GP100 Unfluted is expected to hit stores now with the new Ruger American Rimfire to follow in the coming weeks. The Ruger American Rimfire is based on the standard model with a faux burled walnut stock. It’s a modular stock like the standard American Rimfire and accepts different stock modules to extend the length of pull or add a raised cheekpiece.

Functionally it’s a typical Ruger American Rimfire with a fiber optic front sight and a folding rear notch. It has a dovetailed receiver that’s good to go for mounting optics and it runs with cheap and easy-to-find 10/22 magazines. The barrel, receiver and other steel components have a contrasting deep blue black satin finish that matches the buttpad well.

While Ruger hasn’t listed prices for these Talo is generally reasonable when it comes to their exclusive designs, with prices not much higher than factory prices. We expect a small premium but it has to be inside $100 or so for both.

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