Feds issue July Fourth terror warning, urge vigilance (VIDEO)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation along with the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin to local law enforcement officials recently warning of possible terrorists attacks that could be carried out over the Fourth of July weekend.

The document, issued Friday and titled “Holiday Celebrations Remain Attractive Target,” was sent to some 18,000 law enforcement agencies throughout the country, ABC News reported. According to the bulletin, “threats or plans to conduct violent extremist acts” will likely come from any celebrations which appear to defame the prophet Mohammed.

Although authorities aren’t saying they know of a specific threat, the document states officials with the National Counterterrorism Center, as well as the FBI and DHS “remain concerned about the difficulty in detecting violent extremists – especially lone offenders given the individualized nature of radicalization to violence,” adding that ISIL attacks on the United States from within the country “could happen with little to no warning.”

The agencies also warned members of the government and military to be cautious of social media posts which could “attract violent extremists’ attention.”

“We will also adjust security measures, seen and unseen, as necessary to protect the American people,” DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement. “We continue to encourage all Americans to attend public events and celebrate this country during this summer season, but always remain vigilant.”

Johnson’s statement and the dispersal of the bulletin came after ISIS attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait that left several dozen people dead.

Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell told CBS This Morning that while these types of bulletins are routinely passed out, he feels there’s nothing routine about this particular one.

“This one really resonates with me,” Morell said.

He pointed out there have been about 50 ISIS supporters arrested in the country over the last year. These people, Morell said, want to go fight with ISIS or carry out attacks on U.S. soil. Furthermore, he said there is a “call to arms” – a war on what ISIS considers infidels – during the holy month of Ramadan.

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