Savage announcing .338 Lapua Magnum Target Rifle


Savage Arms has just announced the new Model 112 Magnum Target Rifle chambered for.338 Lapua Magnum — the company’s most affordable .338 LM rifle to-date. It’s a simple, single-shot rifle optimized for long-range target shooting.

The simple action keeps the price down to only $1,177. Real-world prices should be less than $1,000 putting this rifle in reach of shooters everywhere looking for an entry-level .338 LM without cutting corners and sacrificing accuracy.

The .338 Lapua Magnum Target Rifle is built around a 26-inch heavy-profile barrel fit with a large three-baffle muzzle brake. Since the rifle weighs just 12 pounds every ounce of recoil reduction helps. After all, .338 LM is no slouch of a cartridge, with some loads producing in excess of 5,000 foot-pounds of force.

Other competition-minded features include Savage’s Target AccuTrigger, which can be user-adjusted down to a feather-light 6 ounces. The action is pillar-bedded in the gray laminate stock and the bolt handle is over-sized for ease of manipulation.

Hunting-wise, Savage has other options that feed from magazines for faster follow-up shots including the 11/111 Long Range Hunter, which is also very affordable compared to most .338 LM options at $1,380.

But for target shooting the new Model 112 Magnum Target Rifle is hard to beat. With this rifle and some simple reloading tools it’s completely possible to get into the .338 LM game on a limited budget. If you like the caliber but are interested in something a little easier on the shoulder, check out Savage’s new lineup in .338 Federal.

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