Body cam video of deadly Texas police shooting released (VIDEO) 

Recently released police body camera video shows a Texas man being shot by officers after he pulled a pellet gun on them.     

Police received a call on May 31 about a case of beer stolen from an East Texas Walmart and followed reports to the bathroom of a nearby Applebees restaurant, local media reported.    

Officers found 47-year-old James D. Bushey washing his hands.

“What do you need?” Bushey asked the officers, who then began questioning him.   

“You’re a suspect in reference to a theft case,” Sgt. Gabriel Green said. “I need you to step out please. Don’t act dumb for me. Come on and step out. Okay? You’re on video.”

As the officers escort Bushey out of the restaurant, one cautiously pushed utensils to the far end of a table away from Bushey, who was following close behind. When outside, Officer Kaylyn Griffin officer asks for Bushey’s ID.

Bushey pulls out the pellet gun and Green attempts to apprehend him. After a brief struggle, Bushey spins away and what sounds like 12 shots were fired.

“It’s very unfortunate that the police officers were put in this position,” Palestine Police Captain James Muniz said Tuesday. “They felt that they had no choice but to defend themselves at that time.”

A grand jury cleared the officers, calling the shooting justified.

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