Summer 2015 Caracal update, Enhanced editions

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The Caracal Model F was initially recalled in late 2013 and the recall effort is still underway. (Photo: Caracal USA)

Caracal has issued a status update about their return to the U.S. market and their ability to replace recalled handguns. The company issued a wide recall in 2013 that is only now beginning to close.

Many issues have cropped up in the recall process including establishing a beachhead in the U.S. Caracal USA’s primary objective is setting up an American office to cover the importation of new Caracal pistols. They’ve run into recent setbacks thanks to property disputes and are now looking for new offices to lease.

Caracal pistols hit the scene a few years ago and made a lasting impression. Unfortunately they decided the handguns were not ready for a public release and pulled them from the market. The company has been hard at work redesigning their guns and is now teasing the new “Enhanced” model F, the full-size Caracal pistol.

The new variant, the FE for enhanced, sports a new trigger safety, slide rail or “slide guide” and more durable components in the mix. These are to address reported problems with the original design and to improve on it in general, focusing on extending the life cycle of the gun and reducing felt recoil.

Everything else about the redesign is true to the original, maintaining the ergonomics, trigger feel and handling. The FE model is a drop-in replacement for the first run of guns as promised. There is, unfortunately, one more delay in the recall process.

Because of parts delivery issues the replacement pistols have seen about a four-week delay in production. After all this time, it’s not a particularly long delay and customers affected by the recall should receive their upgraded pistols shortly.

“As the tip of the Caracal USA spear, these small setbacks and delays are very frustrating,” said Caracal USA president Jeffrey Spalding, on Facebook. “I know there are a lot of folks out there who are counting on us. Let me reassure you that Caracal will succeed.”

“Having been in the industry for over 10 years and having watched the trials, tribulations and successes of so many other established and highly recognized brands, I know that what we are experiencing is not out of the ordinary when working on a project of this magnitude” he added. “I also understand that from the outside looking in, it seems as though the process should be simple, quick and easily navigated. That is a misconception that is only proven through the process of dealing with governmental agencies from multiple countries in an effort to make two entirely different legal, financial and commercial systems mesh.”

What’s true is that if Caracal hadn’t made such a positive first impression this recall effort wouldn’t be so huge. But at the time of the launch, these capable and affordable pistols left a mark and their absence is still felt to this day. For those still waiting for their replacement pistols the recall can’t go any slower.

For everyone else the news is good. Caracal pistols, now with several improvements, are back on course to return to the American market. Widespread availability is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016, after the recall work is completed.

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