91-year-old WWII vet receives purple heart after more than 70 years (VIDEO)

Purple Heart Raymond Garner Purple Heart

A request for war medals which were lost 70 years ago was honored last month at the Blount County Veterans Affairs Office in Maryville, Tennessee.

Raymond Garner, who is now 91-years-old, joined the service in 1943 and was injured by shrapnel while fighting in World War II. He then went on to fight again in the Vietnam War before retiring in 1971.

Although he admitted he didn’t even remember his injuries, Garner received a Purple Heart for his service during the second World War, but shortly thereafter lost the medal during a move from Texas.

Blount County Veterans Affairs Director Nathan Weinbaum said Garner should have received the medal many years ago, and they are just thankful that – at the age of 91 – he is still alive to receive the honor, and Garner was surprised and thankful for those who came out to honor him on the special day.


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