Al Jazeera video pokes fun at Americans, but not everyone is amused (VIDEO)

A Fourth of July-themed video produced by the Al Jazeera network is turning heads, dropping jaws and getting a whole lot of negative attention on social media.

Just as the name implies, “Americans Show Why USA Is The #1 Country In The World,” boasts the United States as leading the world in the number of Olympic medals, Nobel laureates and billionaires, but those aren’t the only things in which America leads the world.

In fact, according to the video, the United States is number one in incarcerations, obesity, gun ownership, credit card debt, teen pregnancies, use of prescription painkillers and porn production, among others.

Incidentally, the video, which was posted to YouTube, has received nearly twice as many “thumbs down” as “thumbs up.”

What’s your opinion? Funny… or not so much?

[Al Jazeera]

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