Firing an uber weird, uber rare 1937 German gas-locked pistol (VIDEO)

Ian over at Forgotten Weapons got his knowledgeable hands on a prototype aluminum-framed German army trials pistol made just before WWII that has some distinctly oddball qualities.

In the 1930s the German army was looking for a new and improved design to replace their legacy turn of the century handguns such as the Mauser and Luger. This search eventually led to the adoption of the Walther P-38 which continued in military and police service in one form or another until the 1980s.

And if you know anything about the P-38, its easy to see why the BSW (Berlin-Suhler Waffenwerk) gas locked prototype that Ian gets to examine had some tough competition.

Spoiler alert: if you think it looks strange on the outside, just wait till he takes it apart.

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