Going behind the scenes with an NCAA collegiate shooting team (VIDEO)

NRA All Access visited the University of Akron’s rifle team and found out first hand what it takes to balance student life with the demands of a Division I athlete in the shooting sports.

The University of Akron Zips Rifle Team dates back to 1919 and has been competing at the NCAA level for more than three decades. Today they boast one of the most intensive and successful programs in the country. After all, you have to be good to nail a target “about the the size of a period in 12 point font” at 50 feet away.

Although often forgotten or marginalized by high schools and universities alike, the shooting sports are among the fastest growing in some states.

For instance, in Minnesota in 2008, there were only about 30 students across the entire state that were involved in sanctioned trapshooting competitions and even fewer teams, but seven years later, the sport has seen a massive increase, with now more than 200 teams statewide hosting some 8,600 students.

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