Larry Vickers tries a 250 yard pistol shot with Glock 10mm (VIDEO)

Gun guru Larry Vickers tried his hand at some long range handgun marksmanship with a sick shot on an MGM target at 2.5 football fields downrange.

Running a gently modded Glock 20, one of the Austrian polymer giant’s high-powered pistols specifically billed from the company as a hunting handgun, Vickers starts out at 50 yards (not feet) and works his way back listening for that ring on steel.

The 10mm goes back to the dream caliber of Lieutenant Colonel John Dean “Jeff” Cooper back in the 1980s. While it peaked around the time Miami Vice was on the air, largely displaced on the market by its anemic (in comparison) little brother, the .40 S&W, the vaunted 10 milly is making a strong come back in recent years and is gaining new-found popularity.

And shots like this is probably why.

Does Larry make the 250 mark? Give it a look see.

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