The Blue Danube waltz played in 30.06 via M-1 Garand (VIDEO)

Perhaps the most recognizable sound on the range is the characteristic “ping” of the enbloc clip ejecting from the M-1 Garand. So recognizable in fact, that it can be put to music.

The guys at The Firearm Blog did just that to a 1936 Finnish orchestra recording of the Johann Strauss waltz, with the accompanying M-1 working through to the coda.

Just when you conclude that Herr Strauss and the M-1 may seem a odd fit, keep in mind that the Austrian composer visited the U.S. in 1870 where, according to Wiki,  he was the lead conductor for a monster orchestra of over 1,000 musicians playing this very waltz. The stage was set up outside of Boston only about 80 miles from historic Springfield Armory where (wait for it) the M-1 was later designed and built.


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