LaserLyte now offering Glock 42, 43 laser sight

laserlyte laser sight glock 26 27 42 43 max slowik

(Photo: LaserLyte)

LaserLyte now offers a low-cost red light laser sight for Glock 42 and 43 pistols that’s also compatible with Glock 26 and G27 models. These are highly-recommended handguns for concealed carry, including the established subcompacts and new single-stack pistols.

Laser sights provide a nice backup or alternate confirmation that your gun is on-target and are popular both for training and protection. Small handguns can be hard to aim so every little bit helps. The laser is fully windage- and elevation-adjustable to get on target with your preferred load and range.

LaserLyte’s Glock laser sight mounts on the trigger guard and has ambidextrous activation switches on both sides in a natural position in front of the trigger. The laser sight has an impressive 10-hour battery life in pulse mode and provides a run time of up to five hours with intermittent use. The laser sight has an automatic power switch that shuts it off after six minutes of use to conserve power.

The laser sight mounts in a straightforward fashion with three screws securing it to the frame of your pistol. It runs on three 392 button cells and adds just .75 ounces to its host gun, with a polymer housing over its 6061 alloy aluminum chassis.

The new laser sight is priced at $104 which means that real-world prices should be well under $100 making this an inexpensive upgrade for Glock owners.

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