Tsunami alert: Double barrel 1911 working the ballistics gel (VIDEO)

The guys at GY6vids took advantage of having an Arsenal AF2011-A1, the twin-barreled Italian longslide, and went to town on a block of ballistics gel.

The AF2011 was seen by many as a gimmick gun or a novelty when introduced in 2012 but now that they have landed on our shores, these huge hoglegs, which fire two rounds with every pull of the trigger, seem to be growing on the market.

And with that in mind, the GY6 crew put one to the gel test with some of the most popular .45 ACP defense loads out there to include Hornady CD, G2research RIP, Winchester PDX1 and Federal Hydra Shok.

If you are into seeing some major jiggles, check out the above.

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