Kirsten Joy Weiss explores whether a computer can improve shooting skills (VIDEO)

Kirsten Joy Weiss sets her tricks aside for an informative – yet still fun – video looking at whether technology can actually help improve shooting skills. After testing out the SCATT MX 02, which hooks up directly to your firearm and relays tons of information into a computer program, Weiss shared her thoughts.

“Think of it as a little coach that’s able to watch and record your every move,” she explained in the video, liking the MX 02 to a gun-loving cousin of R2-D2.

Weiss said she has tried high-tech devices in the past to help improve her skills, but nothing she found – until now – has been satisfactory. However, the simplicity and ease of use she got from the SCATT MX 02 hits the mark in her book.

[Kirsten Joy Weiss]

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